• Hanebado Episode 11 delayed because of the Hokkaido earthquake

    Sometimes, natural disasters can affect a lot of industries, and the anime industry is no different. The recent earthquake in Hokkaido has affected a lot of people and businesses, including one currently-airing anime. This anime is Hanebado, which means bad news for people who wanna see Ayano go crazy again and stomp her opponents while staring them down with those scary eyes of hers…

    According to the anime’s website, Hanebado’s 11th episode will be delayed because of the quake. The anime’s studio for photography happens to be in Sapporo, which the earthquake greatly damaged. Several staff members are also victims of the quake itself, and working in those conditions are “impossible” as of the moment.

    There’s some good news for the people of Hokkaido though, as the city is slowly restoring power in some areas. Relief efforts from the Japanese government, private sector, and international agencies are also pouring into the region. But that being said, we won’t be seeing Ayanon browbeat opponents while putting them to school with sick badminton skills…

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