• “Gintama” Officially Ends — But Not Quite…

    Hideki Sorachi’s surreal space comedy “Gintama” has officially ended with its final chapter on Shounen Jump #42, released last 15th September 2018. However, troll that he was, Sorachi also announced on that the series will continue more sporadically on Shounen Jump GIGA, starting with its December 2018 edition.

    © Hideaki Sorachi / Shueisha

    “Gintama” was first serialized in 2003, and revolves around the lives of the three employees of a jack-of-all-trades temp agency called “Yorozuya”: Gintoki Sakata, Shinpachi Shimura, and Kagura. The popular series has spawned a long-running TV anime, several games, and live-action films.

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