• Bowsette takes over the internet

    If you’ve visited Facebook, Twitter, or any anime or gaming forums lately, a certain video game villain has taken over. Sure, Koopa AKA Bowser is one of the most iconic video game villains in history, but a new twist made the monster turtle even more popular. And yes, it includes a crown, some genderbending, and a whole lot of fanarts. And yes, she’s called Bowsetterm and to those who haven’t been to social media recently, there are two versions of her.

    But how did all this Bowsette craze begin? Well, it all starter on Twitter with @ayyk92, aka Haniwa. In a comic strip, the artist featured Princess Peach rejecting both Mario and Bowser. However, this leads Bowser to obtain Toadette’s “Super Crown” in order to turn into Bowser. And to those unfamiliar with Mario Bros. lore, the Super Crown allows Toadette to transform into “Peachette”.

    The meme was so popular that it exploded into outright mainstream popularity:

    via  Matt Froese (Tumblr)

    via @SuperSatanSon (Twitter)

    via mayaflare – Deviantart

    via Kuroko_14 (Pixiv)

    via Endless Despair (Facebook)

    via @moorioka (twitter)

    via @tohirokonno (twitter)

    via Art Of ROK (Instagram)

    And Bowsette has become so popular that POPULAR MANGAKA have even drew artworks of her:

    CoolKyoushinsha (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

    Akira Yasuda (Dagashi Kashi)

    Yusuke Murata (One Punch Man, Eye Shield 21, Back to the Future manga, Spider-Man)

    And a quick search through Twitter would give you a ton of results for Bowsette. However, do be careful as most fanarts are a bit NSFW. However, since we here at Wow Japan are a family-friendly bunch, we chose to show ones that are SFW. But we do admit sifting through all the fanarts for the non-lewd ones was a very daunting and difficult task…


    And yes, there are cosplays now as well…

    However, it seems that the meme’s popularity has put much pressure on @ayyk92. He tweeted a few responses to the meme’s popularity:

    But whatever the case, it seems that Bowsette is here to stay for a while…

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