• Autumn’s Delicacies in Menus for New “TouRabu” – Kyo no Kiseki’ Stamp Rally Revealed!

    Back by popularity, the collaborative Kyoto tourism promotional event of popular browser and online game  – “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” x “Kyo no Kiseki” (lit. ‘Miracles on Kyoto’ – via rail) returns again this autumn to the ancient capital city of Kyoto! Jointly organised by the game production/distribution company Nitroplus Co., Kyoto ‘Randen‘ Tram-rails and the Toei Kyoto Movie Studio, this will be the third time – since the very first time it was held in 2016 – that the city-wide stamp collection rally event will take place around the participating shrines, temples and other historical spots in Kyoto that are related or affiliated to the anthropomorphised katana (i.e. Japanese swords) characters in the game.

    ©2015-2018 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus ©Keifuku Electric Railroad Co.,Ltd. ©TOEI Kyoto Studio Co.,Ltd.

    ©2015-2018 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus ©Keifuku Electric Railroad Co.,Ltd. ©TOEI Kyoto Studio Co.,Ltd.

    Needless to say, where there’s a collaborative event concerned, there will also be special collaborative menus launch to cater to the hungry and weary event participants after a day of running around the old capital city in their quest to collect all rally stamps. As the Japanese proverb ‘Shoku no Aki‘ (食の秋) goes, autumn is the time to eat and indulge in the good food and delicacies of nature’s harvest! So it really would not be quite that surprising that the cafes affiliated to the event will be offering up their special menus created just for this. Let’s take a look!

    The Randen Bar/Cafe at Arashiyama Randen Station offers six delightful concept drinks made in the images of six of the characters for take-out to rally participants (and the public)! All drinks are priced at JPY 700 each and each order will randomly present the customer with a specially-designed drink-coaster as take-home souvenir. There are a total of 3 designs to collect!

    ©2015-2018 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus ©Keifuku Electric Railroad Co.,Ltd. ©TOEI Kyoto Studio Co.,Ltd.

    Tsurumaru Kuninaga – Yogurt Squash

    Horikawa Kunihiro – Ramune Soda Ice-float

    Ichigo Hitofuri – Shiso Mojito (this drink contains alcohol)

    Akashi Kuniyuki – Kahlua Milk Cocktail (this drink contains alcohol)

    Kogitsunemaru – Hot sweetened pumpkin soup

    Hirano Toshirou – Hot Matcha Latte

    For those who prefer to sit down for a little break in the midst of the rally (or after completing the quest), several eateries and cafes within the Toei Kyoto Movie Studio offer up a selection of delectable treats of main courses, dessert sets, and image-drinks of 15 of the characters in “TouRabu”. Each menu item ordered also entitles the customer to a take-home present of the same three specially-design coasters, presented at random.

    ©2015-2018 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus ©Keifuku Electric Railroad Co.,Ltd. ©TOEI Kyoto Studio Co.,Ltd.

    From Ramen Kiraku

    Nagasone Kotetsu’s “Shinsengumi Ramen” @ JPY 1,000

    Imanotsurugi & Iwatooshi’s “Pudding Ala Mode” @ JPY 800

    From Kyo-Udon Kaikatei:

    Kogitsunemaru’s curry udon with fried kitsune beancurd skin @ JPY 1,400

    Team Hijikata’s assorted onigiri bento @ JPY 1,300

    From Cafe Nanoka

    Hirano Toshirou’s houji-cha tea and confectionery set @ JPY 700

    Ichigo Hitofuri’s vegetable soup set @ JPY 1,100

    From Komaya (for take-outs only):

    Yamatonokami Yasusada’s blue parfait @ JPY 800

    Tsurumaru Kuninaga’s white parfait @ JPY 800

    Mikazuki Munechika’s tea and confectionery set @ JPY 900

    From Ninja Cafe

    Kashuu Kiyomitsu’s colourful curry @ JPY 1,000

    Akashi Kuniyuki’s Akashiyaki set @ JPY 900 (item is for take-out only)

    Hotarumaru’s and Aizen Kunitoshi’s homare sweets fruity crepe @ JPY 800 (item is for take-out only)

    Other than the above amazing and yummy food and drinks offering, the rally event also has some mini-games lined-up for those who want to join in the fun but may not have confidence to complete the whole rally course/quest. And mini-games means prizes for participation! Each round of mini game costs JPY 500 to take part and these are the prizes that players can expect to win!

    Rank A prize: Characters pin-badge set (2 types)

    ©2015-2018 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus ©Keifuku Electric Railroad Co.,Ltd. ©TOEI Kyoto Studio Co.,Ltd.

    Rank B Prize: Microfibre cloth

    ©2015-2018 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus ©Keifuku Electric Railroad Co.,Ltd. ©TOEI Kyoto Studio Co.,Ltd.

    Rank C Prize: Characters sticker sheets (random 4 types)

    ©2015-2018 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus ©Keifuku Electric Railroad Co.,Ltd. ©TOEI Kyoto Studio Co.,Ltd.

    For those who think they know their characters well and are game for a little tougher challenge, the Toei Kyoto Movie Park also offers the mini game of “Hunt for that Sword!” – where players have to seek out the characters “hiding within” the studio park by matching said characters’ in-game speech lines. Each round costs JPY 300 to participate and successful completion entitles participants to take home one of these beautifully designed character shikishi-boards – a total of six to be collected!

    ©2015-2018 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus ©Keifuku Electric Railroad Co.,Ltd. ©TOEI Kyoto Studio Co.,Ltd.

    The “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” x “Kyo no Kiseki (Round 3)” will commence on 29 September 2018; and will take place over the span of the following 2 months’ duration until 2 December 2018. More details on the rally are available on event’s official website. Fans who are interested to check out past rally events reports and photos may also go to the sub-pages for Stamp Rally Round 1 (2016); and Stamp Rally Round 2 (2017).


    Source – Nijimen News


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