• Theatrical “Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi” Reveals Key Visual, Cast List

    Earlier in the week, the key visual for the live-action theatrical adaptation of “Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi” (lit. ‘Hidden Realm – Bed-and-Breakfast for Spirits’) was revealed via the production’s official Twitter post – showcasing the main and major supporting characters in their full-costumed glory.

    ©2018 Midori Yuuma・Laruha /KADOKAWA / “Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi” Production Committee / ADK Arts

    Based on the fantasy light-novel series of the same title – written by Midori Yuma and illustrated by Laruha – the story follows the adventures of heroine Aoi Tsubaki – a college student with the spiritual ability to see ayakashi (i.e. traditional Japanese spirits and mythological beings) in the mysterious, and sometimes life-threatening, world of spirits – the ‘Hidden Realm’.

    Initially shocked by the revelation that she was plucked from her world and whisked there because of a promise made between her late grandfather and the high-ranking ayakashi – an Orge-god known only as “O-danna” (lit. ‘Grand Master’) – to be his intended betrothed human bride, the headstrong Aoi decided to make the best of her mysterious circumstances instead by befriending the rest of the beings in the Hidden Realm. She ends up starting and running her own small but thriving bed-and-breakfast business within the premises of her Ayakashi fiancé’s luxurious onsen-inn “Tenjin-ya”.

    The series also has a 26-episodes TV anime adaptation which premiered in April 2018 and is currently still being broadcasted on a weekly interval.

    Besides the unveiling of the main key visual, theatrical “Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi” also announced the full cast-list for the production. Let’s take a look!

    ©2018 Midori Yuuma・Laruha /KADOKAWA / “Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi” Production Committee / ADK Arts

    Playing the main character role of the Orge-god ‘O-danna’ is popular 2.5D actor Hiroki Nakada. He probably has his own legion of fans from his infamous role as “Haru Yayoi” in several of the musical adaptation dance-live stages of the popular “Tsukiuta” series since 2016.

    ©2018 Midori Yuuma・Laruha /KADOKAWA / “Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi” Production Committee / ADK Arts

    Playing the female protagonist – Aoi Tsubaki – of the series is young actress Hotaru Nomoto. Some of her previous stage portrayals included the key-character role of ‘Usagi Tsukino’ / ‘Sailormoon’ in the 2016 production of “Musical Sailormoon –Armour Eternal–”; as well as ‘Okapi’ in the 2017 production of “Kemono Friends” Live Stage adaptation.

    ©2018 Midori Yuuma・Laruha /KADOKAWA / “Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi” Production Committee / ADK Arts

    Popular 2.5D actor Shunya Ohira plays the role of the nine-tailed fox spirit “Ginji’’. Fans may also recognise him as the bubbly and adorable ‘Imanotsurugi’ in the popular musical adaptation of “Touken Ranbu –Online–”; or the earlier 2016 and 2017 productions of “Card Fight!! Vanguard” Virtual Live Action Stage in the role of main character Aichi Sendou.

    ©2018 Midori Yuuma・Laruha /KADOKAWA / “Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi” Production Committee / ADK Arts

    The role of Tenjin-ya’s capable but quick-tempered front-desk manager “Akatsuki” – a tsuchigumo (i.e. spider spirit) – will be played by Soichiro Sorihashi. Since his debut as a stage actor in 2009, the multi-talented actor has played countless different roles/characters in numerous stage productions. Fans of the otome game “Kiniro no Corda – La Corda d’Oro” series will also know him as the voice actor for Sori.

    ©2018 Midori Yuuma・Laruha /KADOKAWA / “Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi” Production Committee / ADK Arts

    The Head of Tenjin-ya’s Finance and Accounting Department – a ‘hakutaku’ (mythical spirit that hailed from ancient China) that goes by the name “Byakuya” – will be played by young 2.5D actor Tsubasa Kizu. Although young, the talented singer-actor has had experiences in several notable roles in both the musical and theatrical stages, like the 2016 production of “Musical Hakuouki” series as ‘Heisuke Toudou’; the 2017 production of “B-PROJECT on Stage –OVER THE WAVE! –“ as ‘Momotaro Onzai’; as well as the 2017 production of “Theatrical Touken Ranbu: Jou-den – Tale of the Stars of Kuroda” as the bubbly ‘Hakata Toushirou’.

    ©2018 Midori Yuuma・Laruha /KADOKAWA / “Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi” Production Committee / ADK Arts

    In the role of ‘O-Ryo’, a snow maiden who serves as the young hostess of Tenjin-ya is Rimo Hasegawa ( The 19-year-old actress and seiyuu-in-training previously played the role of ‘Minako Aino’ / ‘Sailor Venus’ in the 2016 and 2017 musical productions of “Pretty Soldier Sailormoon”.

    The casts for the rest of the supporting characters (not pictured) are as follows:

    Kanako Hiramatsu – plays the role of “Ougon-douji” – a zashikiwarashi (a household deity/spirit believed to bring good fortune) shrouded in mystery
    Saki Funaoka – plays the role of “Suzuran” – the beautiful, wilful but gentle spider spirit who is also sister to “Akatsuki”.
    Masayuki Yuasa – plays the role of “Sasuke” – the ninja bodyguard of Tenjin-ya; a kamaitachi (weasel spirit believed to originate from the Touhoku region).
    Takahiro Watanabe – plays the role of “Sorinosuke” – a type of cloth/fabric spirit
    Nami Nishida – plays the tanuki spirit “Kasuga”
    Kosei Kimura & Rion Okano – double-casts for the adorable kappa spirit “Chibi” – a self-claimed loyal follower of Aoi’s.
    Masashi Yamazaki – plays the role of “Matsuba-sama” – a high-ranking tengu (crow spirit)
    Noboru Washio – plays the role of Aoi’s grandfather, Shiro Tsubaki

    The scriptwriter for the “Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi” theatrical adaptation will be Kaori Moriyama; and director for the production will be Satoshi Ougita. Both are affiliated to the Bobjack Theatre Group. Production run will be 5 ~ 9 September 2018 in Tokyo’s Theatre Sunmall; and 13 ~ 16 September in Nishitetsu Hall in Fukuoka Prefecture. Information on ticketing and other details related to the production may be found from their official website.

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