• Somebody is actually compiling how many times Team Rocket blasted off in the anime

    In almost every single episode of the Pokemon anime, both TV and film, Team Rocket would “blast off”. They have blasted off so many times that people actually lost count. However, YouTuber Preston Ward Condra has taken on the challenge of not only counting them, but also doing a video compilation. In fact, the YouTuber has uploaded a playlist, so better strap yourself in because it’s gonna be a long one…

    Preston Ward Condra managed to do 69 compilation videos, as well as a couple of added bonus videos. And in the compilation, it revealed that Jesse, James, and Meowth got their butts handed to them around 850 times. And with the Pokemon anime expected to have even more episodes, expect him to add more blast offs to his playlist. Ouch!

    And to make the situation even more sorry for the trio, they’ve only managed to beat Ash/Satoshi fair and square ONCE. This was during the Sun and Moon anime. Well, you’ve gotta give them props for determination, right?


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