• Musical “Touken Ranbu” Holds Baseball Special Tie-up Game Event

    Fans of baseball, along with fans of 2.5D musical adaptation of popular browser and mobile game “Touken Ranbu –Online–” were no doubt puzzled earlier this week – when news of the special collaboration of Japan’s national sport with the nation’s currently-hottest pop-cultural trend was announced. That’s right – the stars of the popular 2.5D musical franchise are going to be special guests at the opening game of the Tokyo-based Yomiuri Giants team at their home ground in Tokyo Dome Stadium where they will play against rival team Tokyo Yakult Swallows on 11 September 2018!

    © Yomiuri Giants © Musical Touken Ranbu / DMM Games ・Nitroplus

    As unrelated as both entertainment cultures are, the special collaboration event – presented by integrated business solutions/IT corporation Nihon Unisys Group – caught many by surprise, but that quickly turned into delighted acceptance especially amongst fans of the musical franchise when further details of the special tie-up were revealed. On the day of the collaboration game, six of the featured guests cast members of the musical will put up a special pre-game short performance, following which they will be invited to conduct the ceremonial first-pitch to signal the official commencement of the game.

    © Musical Touken Ranbu / DMM Games ・Nitroplus

    The six 2.5D actors featured are:

    • Mario Kuroba – who plays the role of Mikazuki Munechika
    • Daichi Saeki – who plays the role of Iwatooshi
    • Shunya Oohira – who plays the role of Imanotsurugi
    • Hiroki Miura – who plays the role of Higekiri
    • Akira Takano – who plays the role of Hizamaru
    • Shotaro Arisawa – who plays the role of Izuminokami Kanesada

    The six actors will also be featured in a special FM radio broadcast program that fans may only listen to exclusively within the premises of the Tokyo Dome.

    Ticket sales of the tie-up event began on 15 August 2018. The event organisers also plan to sell exclusive ticket-with-collaboration-merchandise-bundle sets for fans who wish to watch the baseball game. There will be 3 tiers of tickets with the collaboration merchandise bundle – Tier-A at JPY 20,520; Tier-B at JPY 19,120; and Tier-C at JPY 17,520. All tiered tickets will be allocated reserve-seating with the following collaborative goods bundle: a Yomiuri Giants uniform top; a sports towel; and a totebag.

    © Yomiuri Giants © Musical Touken Ranbu / DMM Games ・Nitroplus

    © Yomiuri Giants © Musical Touken Ranbu / DMM Games ・Nitroplus

    © Yomiuri Giants © Musical Touken Ranbu / DMM Games ・Nitroplus

    There will also be other originally-designed merchandise for sales on the actual event day. Fans may visit this special ticketing-and-goods sales website for more details.

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