• Hatsune Miku gets new ‘simple’ and ‘sporty’ apparel from SuperGroupies

    Japanese fashion brand, SuperGroupies, has announced their latest collaboration, and it’s none other than Hatsune Miku herself! This time, the virtual diva is inspiring two new styles for either men or women. The Women’s style is called “Simple Style”, and Miku’s own outfit inspired it.

    This style will include the following items:

    Watch: 12,800 yen (women’s size), also available for men for 14,800 yen

    Bag: 10,800 yen

    Sandals: 13,800 yen

    Blouse: 9,800 yen

    Skirt: 10,800 yen

    Necklace: 12,800 yen

    Ring: 9,800 yen

    Meanwhile, Miku’s accents and accessories inspire the “Sporty Style”, which is geared mainly for men.

    It includes the following items:

    Watch: 12,800 yen

    Backpack: 11,800 yen

    Sneakers: 10,800 yen

    Cap: 4,800 yen

    Cut-and-Sewn Shirt: 6,800 yen

    Super Groupies have now opened pre-orders via their official website, and will be open until mid-August. They will then begin releasing each item sometime in October 2018.

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