• Evangelion characters just appeared in Shinkalion anime’s next-episode preview

    Previously, the Shinaklion TV anime about train robots featured the Eva Shinkansen. But now, it seems that the mecha anime will be featuring the train classic once again, and this time, with Evangelion characters. The anime’s own YouTube channel recently started streaming the anime’s next-episode preview for Episode 31. However, it looks like it has a few familiar faces…

    The anime preview will not just feature the Type-500 Eva shinkansen robot, but also Shinji himself! Yeah, it looks like Shinji might be getting inside the damn robot again. However, it also features Rei and Asuka, and that part certainly made a few fans jump their seats…

    And that’s not all, because the anime’s own official website also got its own Eva-style make-over in anticipation of Episode 31. As for the Eva-themed episode itself, it will air in Japan sometime later this week.

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