• Yuruyuri manga to go on indefinite hiatus

    Some sad news for all you Yuruyuri fans out there, because Akarin and friends are going on hiatus. This is because Comic Yuri Hime, as well as the manga’s own official twitter account, have both confirmed that the manga is taking a break.

    Unfortunately for fans, the announcement did not state when the manga will return. This means that this new hiatus is an indefinite hiatus. In some cases, these kinds of breaks just last a few months or so. However, there are also ones which last for years on end. The most infamous of which are of course, Hunter x Hunter and Berserk’s indefinite hiatuses.

    But don’t worry folks, the Goraku-bu will be back with all their yuri-teasing and zany antics, so better expect to see more announcements down the road regarding their return. In the mean time, better practice your “Akariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins”…

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