• Snack-maker Glico Collab with Touken Ranbu, Kicks off Summer Campaign

    Osaka-founded snack/food manufacturer Glico announced earlier this week via its official Twitter post the newest collaboration campaign with popular browser and mobile game “Touken Ranbu”.

    ©2018 Nitroplus・DMM GAMES / Touken Ranbu Hanamaru Production Committee ©2018 EZAKI GLICO CO.,LTD.

    Fans and customers who purchase any three types or items of Glico’s snack products during the campaign will be rewarded with a randomly-picked, beautiful originally-designed A5-size clear folder that feature different sword clans of the characters that appear in the game.

    There will be a total of 20 different designs for fans to collect – to be released in four phases – 5 designs per phase; spanning the entirety of the summer months of July and August 2018. The giveaway campaign will take place in all participating supermarkets operated by the Aeon Mall Corporation nationwide in Japan. We take a look at what fans may be able to expect!

    ©2018 Nitroplus・DMM GAMES / Touken Ranbu Hanamaru Production Committee ©2018 EZAKI GLICO CO.,LTD.

    Phase 1 (starting 18 July 2018) – features swords/characters from the Sanjo Clan, the Horikawa Clan, the Rai Clan, the Miike Clan and the Muramasa Clan.
    Phase 2 (starting 31 July 2018) – features swords/characters from the Sadamune Clan, the Awataguchi Clan, the Genji Clan, the Kotetsu Clan and the Aoe Clan.
    Phase 3 (starting 21 August 2018) – features swords/characters from the Kobizen Clan, the Ootachi Brothers, the Kanesada Clan, the Samonji Clan and the Osafune Clan.
    Phase 4 (starting 28 August 2018) – features the naginata pair, the swords once owned by Shinsengumi 1st Division Captain Souji Okita, the Komiya pair, the Imperial Household Archive pair, and the Ichimoji Clan sword.

    These original items are available whilst their limited-production quantities lasts, so if you happen to be a fan of the “Touken Ranbu” series, enjoy the snack items from Glico, AND happen to be in Japan during the timeframe of the campaign, be sure to try your luck with the campaign. Do check out details from the campaign website!

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