• SEGA Announces “IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga” Mobile Game for 30th Anniversary

    SEGA is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Phantasy Star series with an announcement of their latest title, “IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga“! “IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga” will be a mobile game for the Apple App Store and Google Play platforms. Pre-registration is currently available via their official website

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    The team behind “IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga” is composed of Producer Shuntaro Tanaka (Phantasy Star Online 2 es, Phantasy Star Online 2); Director Tomomasa Chin (Phantasy Star Online 2 es, Phantasy Star Online 2); and Art Director Sho Mutsuura (Phantasy Star Online 2), among others.

    “IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga” tells the story of “Yuri”, a young orphan raised aboard a sailing vessel by the ship’s captain, and his encounter with “Stella”, a member of a special fighting unit tasked to kill “Idola”, which are giant creatures that wreak havoc on the lands of Vandoll.

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