• Rare Group Photo of Underground Idol “Miyabi Mamoru” and Friends Revealed?!

    Social media was abuzz with momentarily excitement earlier this week at the revealing of a rare three-shot group picture of underground idol “Miyabi Mamoru” and his fabulous group of friends… or is it really?!

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    The real identities of “Miyabi Mamoru” and group are actually the parody alter-personas of popular voice actors Takahiro Sakurai as ‘Takahiro Rakurai’ (pictured, left); Mamoru Miyano as ‘Miyabi forever-16-year-old Mamorui (pictured, centre); and Kenichi Suzumura as ‘Kenichi Chururira’.

    These three appeared in a special program-filler titled “Miyabi Mamoru Monogatari” (lit. “Tales of Mamoru Miyabi”) – a hilarious segment showcased during the “Mamoru Miyano Arena Live Tour 2018 – EXCITING! – concerts held in June 2018 to celebrate the multi-talented voice actor’s 10th year anniversary of his artiste/singer debut.

    © 2018 Himawari Theatre Group Inc. / KING RECORD CO., LTD

    The group-shot was revealed from the seiyuu’s official blog entry along with the laughably high-tensioned line ‘I’ve got it! The rare three-shot photo! Me! Mamoru Miyano! I have finally gotten my hands on it!!!!’

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