• “Million Arthur” Gets TV Anime Adaptation, Out October 2018

    Million Arthur” is a Japanese media franchise created by Square Enix, that covers a wide variety of platforms, including a highly succesful mobile game with over 40 million downloads. “Million Arthur” also has VR console games, a live action TV drama, and now an animated TV adaptation — which will be out in October 2018!

    © Million Arthur Production Committee

    “Million Arthur” tells the story of the Holy Sword “Excalibur”, and the people who were privileged enough to bear it — gaining the name “Arthur”. However, due to a massive outpouring of uncontrolled power, millions of “Arthurs” were created — leading to distortions in history. Six of these “Arthurs” have banded together to destroy all the impostor “Arthurs”, restore history, and protect the future.

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