• GARNiDELiA Announces New Album Out 26th September!

    GARNiDELiA has announced the release of a new album during their LINE LIVE “GARNiDELIVE #3 “One Man Live Tour Anniversary Live Broadcast” last 29th June 2018. The new album will be titled “Kyouki Ranbu” (「響喜乱舞」, lit. “Happy Dance”), and will feature GARNiDELiA songs whose dance music videos featuring vocalist MARiA and dancers Miume and 217 (pronounced Niina) became viral hits, and have been covered by fans from all over the world.


    “Kyouki Ranbu” will come in two editions: a regular CD and a limited edition CD with a special photoobook. The album will feature ten songs, including Girls, Lamb., PiNK CAT, Gakuraku Joudo, Tougen Renka, Hysteric Bullet, Kureha Itoshiuta, and three more tracks. The views from the music videos of all the songs put together are a staggering 100 million, making GARNiDELiA one of the most sucessful Japanese acts on the internet ever!

    • Release Information
    Kyouki Ranbu

    26 September 2018
    CD + Photobook: JPY 3,000
    CD: JPY 2,500

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