• FIGUREX to hold Life-size figure exhibition

    Figure makers, FIGUREX, has gained a reputation among anime collectors for their huge and expensive life-size anime figures. And for those who cannot afford to buy one of their figures, they announced that they’re doing a special exhibition. To be exact, they will be displaying their selection of life-size anime and vocaloid figures over at Radio Kaikan Akihabara.

    They will be holding the event from 28th-30th July 2018 at Radio Kaikan Akihabara’s 10th Floor event space. While they didn’t reveal which figures they’re displaying, fans are already speculating which ones. So far, they’ve created life-size figures of OreImo’s Ayase and Kuroneko, all six Matsuno sextuplets from Mr. Osomatsu, Renge from Non Non Biyori, Ram and Rem from Re:Zero, and many more.

    Figurex did promise that they will reveal more details about what they’re bringing for the exhibition though. Who knows? Maybe they will announce more life-size figures during the event.

    images via Figurex Blog official

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