• Fight Alongside Your Boys with the “Hypnosis Mic – Division Karaoke Battle”!

    Fast-rising multimedia title “Hypnosis Mic – Division Rap Battle” is holding its first collaboration with karaoke chain “Karaoke no Tetsujin”! Dubbed “Hypnosis Mic – Division Karaoke Battle“, the collaboration pits fans of the rap battle franchise against each other in a no-holds-barred karaoke battle for territorial superemacy!

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    The collaboration period is happening from 18th July all the way to 26th August 2018, at all Karaoke no Tetsujin branches. Karaoke fans who sign up for the event ally with one of the four “HypMic” divisions — namely: Ikebukuro, Yokohama, Shinjuku, and Shibuya. They then battle for points with their singing, with the top scorers winning territory and prestige for their teams “Buster Bros!!!”, “Mad Trigger Crew”, “Matenrou”, or “Fling Posse”.

    © KING RECORD © 2018 TETSUJIN Inc.

    Hypnosis Mic – Division Karaoke Battle
    July 2018 to 26th August 2018
    All Karaoke no Tetsujin Branches

    1st Round: 18th July to 1st August 2018
    Results Announcement: 2nd August 2018

    2nd Round: 2nd August to 15th August 2018
    Results Announcement: 16th August 2018

    3rd Round: 16th August to 26th August 2018
    Results Announcement: 27th August 2018

    © KING RECORD © 2018 TETSUJIN Inc.

    Hypnosis Mic” is a brand new media franchise also known as “HypMic” amongst fans. The story is set in a dystopian future where women lead the government and men are merely grunts who follow orders. As guns and other weapons are no longer available, territorial fights must take the form of rap battles.

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