• New “King of Prism -Shiny Seven Stars-” Gets Spring 2019 Film and Anime Series!

    Announced just yesterday at the “KING OF PRISM Rose Party 2018” at Tokyo’s Arena Tachikawa Taichihi, the new “King of Prism” title will not only have a movie but a TV anime series as well! Titled “King of Prism -Shiny Seven Stars-“, the third instalment of the “King of Prism” series will have a Spring 2019 playdate.

    © T-ARTS / syn Sophia / Avex Pictures / Tatsunoko Productions / King of Prism SSS Production Committee

    “King of Prism” is the all-male spin-off film series of the Pretty Rhythm arcade game, which centers around the concept of Prism Shows — a combination of song, dance, fashion, and ice skating. The 2016 film grossed 250 million yen in its two-month run, and the 2017 film Pride the Hero grossed over 600 million yen.

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