• “Mayonaka no OCCULT Komuin” Gets Animated Adaptation!

    Youko Tamotsu’s manga about a government bureau for “non-human” concerns “Mayonaka no OCCULT Koumuin” (“Midnight Occult Affairs”), has announced via the release of their 8th volume, that it will be getting an animated adaptation! “Mayonaka no OCCULT Komuin” was first published by Tomatsu in 2015.

    © Yoko Tamotsu / KADOKAWA

    “Mayonaka no OCCULT Komuin” centers around the secret “Midnight Occult Affairs” office, which is in charge of paranormal and occult affairs in modern-day Tokyo. One of the employees, Arata, is to communicate with ghosts and spirits. However, this ability becomes the subject of intrigue, as Arata is apparently the famous Japanese exorcist Abe no Seimei.

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