• SuperGroupies reveals official Touken Ranbu yukata just in time for summer

    It’s almost summer, and that means it’s almost the time for summer festivals to happen all over Japan. Now, Touken Ranbu is giving its fans a treat, as they team up with SuperGroupies for official TouRabu yukata.

    SuperGroupies is releasing four different design, with each one coming as a set of one yukata and one obi. Of course, a Touken Danshi (Sword Boy) from the franchise inspires each of these four designs, and they are:

    Kasen Kanesada

    Yamatonokami Yasusada



    Each set costs 15,800, but that still doesn’t include tax. SuperGroupies will then open pre-orders on 16 April 2018, before releasing it sometime in mid-July 2018. Yes folks, just in time for those summer festivals to start happening all over Japan. They will open the pre-orders for these yukata here:

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