• Pop Team Epic inspires new photo trend… which flips people off

    Even before Pop Team Epic got its TV anime adaptation, its manga has been quite controversial. For years, it has presented the duo of Popuko and Pipimi flipping people off, and it even became a meme. And now, the anime has inspired a new photo trend in Japan where people raise their middle fingers ala Pop Team Epic.

    They are calling the trend “Pop Team Epic pose” (ポプテピピックのポーズ or “Poptepipic-fuu poozu”). And thanks to twitter, people like Cosplayers, anime fans, and many more are raising their middle fingers.


    Well, Pop Team Epic is basically what happens when an internet meme lord gets his own manga and anime. It all goes back to the internet, huh? And yes, actually saying that it sucks or it’s “shitty” is actually a compliment.


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