• Miyavi’s Day 2 Tour Rocks the Night for Concert Goers

    The guitar slapping, dynamic humanitarian Miyavi has finally made his Singaporean debut! Performing at [email protected] Box Singapore, the Samurai guitarist was flanked by his drummer, DJ, and backup singers. Coupled with his guitar, Miyavi’s stage presence was intense. His charisma, and energy took hold of the crowd from the first minute, and his grip on them never let up.

    © Chester Tan

    Always eager to experiment with the guitar, Miyavi brought a good mix of the old and new. Beginning with tracks from his fresher albums, he dug deep into his repertoire and played select tracks from across his releases.

    “The concert was an amazing experience. I was so glad the moment I heard day 1!” — Samuel Wong

    © Peter McDonnell

    The concert hall was filled with people from all walks of life. From teens to an old lady who looked to be in her 80s (I kid you not –she was literally standing in front of me), Miyavi’s music was clearly something that transcended generations.

    © Chester Tan

    While on stage, he also highlighted the importance of music in bringing people together, often highlighting his work with the United Nations and UNICEF, visiting refugees and seeing the bright smiles of the kids when he played music for them.

    © Peter McDonnell

    As each track went by, the energy in the concert hall swelled, and as he hit the chords of his classics the crowd erupted into a sea of screams, begging for more. Ending the night on a high, his track What’s my Name elicited the biggest reaction of the night. With fans headbanging, and clapping along to the beat.

    © Peter McDonnell

    All in all, while I walked in not knowing too much about Miyavi aside from a couple of song recommendations from my friends before the concert. I have to say this concert made me a fan of his music.

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