• [WOW Japan x C3 AFA Singapore] Nothing’s Gonna Stop NOGIZAKA46!

    乃木坂46 (NOGIZAKA46) fans are having an awesome time so far! First was the groups first Asian performance outside of Japan C3 AFA Singapore 2017! Up next is their performance at C3 AFA Hong Kong I Love Anisong 2018! WOW Japan is honoured to sit down and have a chat with 乃木坂46 (NOGIZAKA46) members Manatsu Akimoto, Erika Ikuta, and Sayuri Matsumura.

    Congratulations to 乃木坂46 (NOGIZAKA46) for their first Asian performance outside of their native Japan! We look forward to their upcoming performance in Hong Kong very soon! Thanks for watching the 乃木坂46 (NOGIZAKA46) interview on WOW Japan, and check out our other interviews out very soon!

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