• 20th Anniversary of Utena Commemorated with Limited Edition Rose Liqueur and White Wine

    It’s a truly boozy 2018 for anime and gaming fans! Shortly after the announcement of the release of a 30th Anniversary Final Fantasy whisky, Revolutionary Girl Utena will be celebrating their own 20th Anniversary with a limited edition rose liqueur and white wine.

    The Revolutionary Girls Utena 20th Anniversary Rose Liqueur is especially distilled from select rose petals, and has a fruity taste. It comes in a 300 ml bottle, and is accompanied by an etched wine glass with an exclusive Utena design.

    The white wine on the other hand was distilled in France in 1997, the same year the TV anime Revolutionary Girl Utena started airing in Japan. The wine features a hint of tropical fruit flavors and the has the sweet aroma of custard cream. The wine comes in a 750 ml bottle and is likewise accompanied by an etched wine glass. This set is extremely limited, as only one item will be produced.

    If you’re keen to get the girls together for a wine party, you can purchase the Revolutionary Girl Utena 20th Anniversary Rose Liqueur from Premium Bandai now for just JPY 9,800. Or, if you have a wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket, you can also purchase the and Revolutionary Girl Utena 20th Anniversary White Wine for a whopping JPY 200,000. Kanpai!

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