• Unofficial Guide to Figure Shopping @ C3AFASG17

    Originally Published by ToyCoin, this article has been edited and with information added on by Wow Japan for publishing.

    This guide is done up for the convenience of comrades who are into figures and would want to avoid all the unnecessary time wasted visiting other booths with nothing to splurge on.

    I, myself, often find many time is wasted just to go into shops finding out there’s nothing to buy. I love figures, and whenever I go events, I only want to buy figures. There are other merchandises, of course, you can buy of course, but since it’s my speciality, might as well do something I’m confident in, right?

    So, here’s the map that you need if you are focused on just shopping for figures.

    The map was taken from Anime Festival Asia. I’ve filtered many out, simply because they are not relevant to the guide. We all know where the stage, Creative Hub, and Food Street are, don’t we? This guide is for figure hunters.

     List of shops to hunt figures from:

    • A166: Toy Coin (THAT’S US!)
    • A15: KADOKAWA
    • A35: Kotobukiya
    • A39: Banpresto/Bandai (Prize)
    • A119: Aniplex
    • A123: ASOBI!
    • A131: La Tendo
    • A149: Banpresto (Kuji)
    • A167: Anime Yorozuya
    • A158: Otakutachi

    First and foremost, let me talk about us!

    A166: Toy Coin (THAT’S US!)

    You must visit us!! After all, we carry a wide range of figures, and this time around we are having a massive sale on Megahouse to make space for future stocks. Prices are worth checking out!

    Not only that, we have Dollfie Dream Dolls up for grabs, quantity is limited so you may not want to wait until Sunday to visit us. You have been warned!

    We have been around in this industry for a while and we are reputable, we don’t carry bootlegs and you can shop with ease of mind. 🙂 We are also doing some Kujis so drop by and say hi!


    Official Good Smile Company Partner shop Official Aniplex Partner shop
    Official VOLKS Partner shop Official Aoshima Partner shop


    KADOKAWA have been actively releasing figures lately. Though there was no mention of whether there are going to have figures for sale, it’s worth to check out if you like figures from KADOKAWA.


    Kotobukiya is promoting Frame Arm Girls this time, unsure if their figures are there though. However, since it’s an official booth, be sure to check them out! They have been producing fancy figures ever since we were in business.

    WOW JAPAN ADDON: Kotobukiya will also be bringing their Frame Arms Girl plastic model kit figures to the show. So do look out for those if you are interested!

    A39: Banpresto/Bandai

    Please take note that A39 and A149 are operated differently.  I’m assuming at A39 you can find prize figures made by Banpresto, along with Bandai’s non‐scaled figures from the range, Figuarts.

    Bandai usually focuses more on the Gundam series, so unless you are into them you may want to focus your time elsewhere.

    WOW JAPAN ADDON: If you are interested in figurines of ROBOTS, Mecha and Gundam, you need to visit the TamashiNation portion of the booth! There you can find ultra-high quality chogokins and plastic figures alike!

    A119: Aniplex

    Aniplex will have figures available, you have to grab them because they are well known for being exclusive.

    You will not be able to find their figures ANYWHERE ELSE except for their official partner shops, which is *ahem* Toy Coin, La  Tendo, Asobi and Otakutachi.

    A123: ASOBI!

    Asobi, though new, is one retailer whom you can trust; goods are definitely authentic if you are wondering! They have a range of figures available from Good Smile Company, Max Factory, and even VOLKS!

    They are the only official retailer to carry VOLKS Dollfie Dream Doll accessories!  A store to check out!

    Store Address: 14 Arumugam Road, LTC Building C, #01-­01, 409959.

    Official Good Smile Company Partner shop Official Aniplex Partner shop

    Official VOLKS Partner shop

    (psst psst – Check out our visit to ASOBI!)

    A131: La Tendo

    La Tendo needs no introduction, if you are into figures, you must have heard of La Tendo. They have not mentioned what items they will be bringing down, but you can expect prize figures, plushies, and other anime merchandises at least!

    Store location: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-­‐354 Suntec City Mall, 038983


    Official Good Smile Company Partner shop

    Official Aniplex Partner shop

    A149: Banpresto (Kuji)

    Again, not to be mixed up with A39, A149 does only Kuji. Some kuji has figures as prizes so it’s worth to see if there’s any kuji you would like to try your luck on!

    A167: Anime Yorozuya

    Anime Yorozuya has been around for quite a while too, while you can mostly find prize figures, they have notable nice merchandise that you can check out as well.

    Shop location: *SCAPE 2 Orchard Link #02-­‐16C Singapore 237978

    A158: Otakutachi

    Another retailer you need to visit if you are looking for figures! They carry a wide range and enough to satisfy your eye candy. Just look at the stuff they are bringing down!

    Shop location: 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Singapore 569933

    Second shop location: 175 Bencoolen Street #01­‐14, Burlington Square, Singapore 189649

    Official Good Smile Company Partner shop

    Official Aniplex Partner shop


    This time around, there really seem to have a lot of booths. I checked each one out and if there are not listed in this guide, they probably fall under one of these categories below:

    1. I’m sure they do not carry figures.
    2. They are new, and I have not heard of them.

    Please don’t support bootlegs, they are very unbelievably cheap, but the quality wouldn’t last you 2 years probably, and they don’t even look nice. What’s the point?

    WOW JAPAN Note: While C3AFA has a rather strict policy against fake or bootlegged product, with pre-event screening and a confiscation policy. Unscrupulous merchants may sneak in bootlegged products, so if you suspect an exhibitor to be selling bootlegged official merchandise, please do contact the Event Organisers or PM us on Facebook.



    1. Bring cash, many shops do not have NETS machine. Toy Coin accepts PayLah! 🙂
    2. Try not to haggle unless you are buying more than 2 items. Items are priced to go, most of the time at a loss; otherwise, they are priced to cover the cost of operations.
    3. Print this article for your reference if you are out to hunt for figures, you can drop by Toy Coin and thank us at C3AFASG17
    4. All shops listed in this list, sells authentic products, so don’t worry and shop with and shop with ease of mind.

    So keep these in mind and may you have a good hunt!

    Originally Published by ToyCoin, this article has been edited and with information added on by Wow Japan for publishing. You can find the original article at Toycoin’s Facebook Page

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