• These fan-made cardboard Pokemon are simply amazing

    Ever wonder what you should do with all those cardboard boxes lying around your house? Is your house filled with cardboard boxes because of always ordering stuff online and you don’t know what to do with them? Well, you can always turn them into cardboard Pokemon of course!

    Japanese cardboard artist, @odonger2, has been posting his works via twitter, and they’ve been generating some buzz. Fans have been complementing the twitter user for his attention to detail when it comes to his cardboard cutouts.

    So, what does this cardboard cutting expert use? Well, some are a few simple tools you can buy anywhere like cutters, scissors, and a glue gun…

    It turns out that he makes these with his son and they started out with just tissue boxes and cores of tissue rolls. He says that seeing is son playing with his works motivates him to do more. Oh, and he’s not just doing Pokemon either…



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