• JJ Abrams is making a live-action film adaptation of your name.

    Makoto Shinkai’s your name. has become the most successful anime film of all time and Hollywood has become more interested in adapting Japanese works lately. And now they have set their sights on your name. Since Shinkai’s film garnered so much financial and critical success, it ain’t just anybody adapting it. JJ Abrams, together with his Bad Robot productions, and Paramount Pictures will be working on this new film. And yes folks, do expect some Lens Flares on this one… because JJ Abrams.


    Abrams himself will serve as the film’s producer, together with Lindsey Weber and the original film’s producer, Genki Kawahara. Meanwhile, Eric Heisserer, who got an Oscar nomination for his work on Arrival, is penning the script.

    From the looks of it, the film is looking to have some heavy Japanese influence, and that’s not only because Genki Kawahara is co-producing but TOHO will be working alongside Paramount Pictures for the film’s production, as well as its Japanese distribution. Their CEO, Yoshishige Shimatani said:

    “We are excited to collaborate with an extremely talented team in Hollywood and to create with them a live-action version of the iconic Japanese film your name.”

    As for Kawamura, he also commented on the new film:

    “Just like in the film it feels like a dream. Mr. Abrams and his team have captivated audiences in their masterful reinvention of known properties. And Mitsuha and Taki have found a perfect narrator, Mr. Heisserer, to tell their sci-fi infused love story, which gave the film such drive. The meetings so far have been creatively stimulating with fantastic ideas that no doubt will make for a great movie. I am greatly honoured to work with these incredible creators in bringing to audiences the Hollywood live action version of your name.”

    Finally, the man himself, Makoto Shinkai, chimed in:

    your name is a film created with the innate imaginations of a Japanese team and put together in a domestic medium. When such a work is imbued with Hollywood filmmaking, we may see new possibilities that we had been completely unaware of — I am looking forward to the live-action film with excited anticipation.”

    Source: Screen Daily

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    • so it’s gonna be another shit Live-action anime adaption considering JJ Abrams can direct for shit..

      • when they cant accept 2D > 3D

      • well… Edge of Tomorrow did alright…

      • WOW Japan Actually Edge of Tomorrow was watchable but nowhere near the story the manga was. Also, JJ loves to put his own political spin on movies hench the reason George Lucas was stabbed in the back with the star wars sequels Creating a mary sue with a complete ripped off story from the originals.

    • effect over 9000%
      prepare your sunglasses

      • It would have been the easiest movie to produce. They just need to have a 1000watt light bulb between the 2.

    • David Gorecki

    • Chantè Plaatjies