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September 2017

Wake Up, Girls! reveal “advancements in idol anime technology” during live event

The “Wake Up, Girls!” are returning with a new season titled “Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter”. And to celebrate, members Mayu Yoshioka, Miyu Takagi, Minami Tanaka, and Kaya Okuno attended a special live event. Anime director Shin Itagaki also attended, and appeared alongside the seiyuu on stage. But while the girls talked about the new anime […]

JSDF teams up with The Irregular at Magic High School to gather more recruits

The Japan Self Defense Force (JSDF) is certainly no stranger to anime team-ups. In fact, the JSDF has previously teamed up with military-themed series such as GATE, High School Fleet, Arpeggio of the Blue Steel, and of course, Girls und Panzer. They ain’t even shy about showing off their moe-powered military mascots and hardware. However, the anime they’ve teamed up […]

Seiyuu Madoka Yonezawa announces marriage and pregnancy

Madoka Yonezawa made a name for herself when she voiced Yui’s capable sister, Ui Hirasawa, in K-On!, Now, the seiyuu has revealed in her blog that she is now married. In that same post, the K-On seiyuuu also revealed that she’s now also pregnant. Yonezawa revealed that she married her long-time boyfriend last year, and now, they’re […]