• Rozen Maiden Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Special Exhibit

    Rozen Maiden will be celebrating its 15th anniversary with a special exhibition “Rozen Maiden Zero”, at Tokyo’s parabolica-bis Gallery and Event Space, from 15th September to 31st October 2017. A special Taisho-era style version of the third Rozen Maiden, Suiseiseki, will also be offered on sale in limited quantities.



    Rozen Maiden is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Peach-Pit. It follows the story of Jun Sakurada, a middle school student who became a “hikikomori” after being bullied by his classmates. Shortly after, he was chosen to become the master to a Rozen Maiden named Shinku.

    The Rozen Maidens are seven sentient porcelain dolls, who battle each other to become the perfect doll in a lethal competition called the Alice Game. The franchise was highly successful — spanning two manga series, four anime series, and several lines of collaboration dolls and figures.

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