• The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls get their curry on for a new collaboration with Nissin

    Nissin’s Curry Meshi has revealed that they are teaming up with The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls for a special curry collaboration. Nissin revealed that starting 10th August, they will be releasing specially-packaged Curry Meshi sets featuring the Cinderella Girls.

    However, Nissin will be releasing these special Cinderella Girls Curry as website-exclusives. They will also come in three variations, namely “cute,” “passion,” and “cool”.

    The Japanese food company will then be releasing these curries as a set, and will feature two of each variety in that set. They will feature a total of 10 Cinderella Girls characters, including brand ambassador, of course, Akane Hino. They will reveal more idols to join the collaboration by 10th August, the collaboration’s release date.

    Source: Nijimen

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