• Hide Your Doujinshi in Plain Sight with these Luxury Book Covers!

    As an fan of anime, manga, and games, I may have bought one or two over five hundred volumes of doujinshi over the years. And while I have no problem stacking them on my bookshelves in plain sight, other people might not have the same privilege, and have to hide them in nooks and crannies all over their homes.

    Bellemaison in Japan may have come up with the perfect solution for hiding your smutty doujinshi in plain sight with these classy and luxurious book covers. They simulate antique handbound first-edition books, and come in three lovely colors: brown, green, and red. Each case can hold about twelve “usui hon”, give or take a few volumes depending on the thickness.

    They will be initially available at the upcoming Animate Girls Festival in Tokyo, and will be rolling out in retailers very soon. Buy at least forty!

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