• Guy who biked to Comiket for 77 Hours from Aichi arrives home, becomes a legend

    Remember that guy who rode a bike to Comiket for 77 hours from Aichi Prefecture to Tokyo? Well, he’s now home at last! And he didn’t take the easy road to go home either, because he also went home by only riding a bike! Yes folks, while nobody can blame Twitter user @DJ_FLANDRE for just taking the train, he truly made his Comiket journey into a real adventure.



    However, his return journey took a lot faster than when he went to Tokyo. When he went to Tokyo, he got lost a lot of times and even went on an anime pilgrimage in Love Live Sunshine’s Holy Land. But when he returned home, he went straight to his destination and only traveled for 50 hours.


    And the hardworking cyclist’s odyssey has gained much praise from people. His tweets got replies telling him that he did great, and also thanked him for his hard work. Many are also calling him a “Comiket Legend” apparently. Hopefully, he also got a pretty nice Comiket haul in that bag of his. But then again, sometimes, it’s not about the destination, but the journey, right?

    Apparently, he also inspired other people to do the same. Well, apparently, they might be able to save money on train tickets, that’s for sure! I wonder if we’ll get a fan this dedicated for AFA – Anime Festival Asia?


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