• Looks like some familiar faces are coming to [email protected]: SideM, as Jupiter officially joins the anime. You may remember them as on of the original [email protected] anime’s rival idol groups… even though they’re guys. Their seiyuu include:

    • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Shouta Mitarai
    • Takuma Terashima as Touma Amagase
    • Daichi Kanbara as Hokuto Ijuin

    Looks like their story will follow them after they left 961 Production during the events of the [email protected] TV anime. Kinda makes you wonder if the Haruka x Touma ship is still going on, huh? Anyway, they also revealed a brand new PV for the trio, as well as a character visual:

    The anime will also add a pair of twins who will form the duo, W (pronounced “Double”). Yuusuke Aoi (Takeru Kikuchi) and Kyousuke Aoi (Yoshitaka Yamaya) comprise this sibling duo. And like Jupiter, they also get their own PV and character visual:

    The new anime will also introduce us to High×Joker, which include former band members from a school’s light music club. Their members comprise of

    • Yusuke Shirai as Haruna Wakazato
    • Sho Nogami as Shiki Iseya
    • Takuma Nagatsuka as Jun Fuyum
    • Shouya Chiba as Hayato Akiyama
    • Hiroshi Watanabe as Natsuki Sakaki

    Aside from these three new groups, the anime’s staff also revealed a new PV via the imasanime YouTube channel. This new PV also announces that the anime will premiere sometime in October 2017.

    Much like the original [email protected] TV anime and film, as well as Cinderella Girls, A-1 Pictures will be producing the animation. Takahiro Harada and Miyuki Kuroki are returning to the [email protected] series as the TV anime’s directors. Some of the staff members from previous [email protected] anime are also returning.


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