• Musical Touken Ranbu Announces New Cast for Autumn Run

    After shutting down and placing a countdown timer on the site, Musical Touken Ranbu has finally made the big reveal! They have announced the new cast members for their Autumn 2017 run, as well as play dates in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka!

    © Musical Touken Ranbu / DMM Games ・Nitroplus

    The new cast members for Musical Touken Ranbu are:

    Mikazuki Munechika: Mario Kuroba
    Kogitsunemaru: Ryou Kitazono
    Iwatooshi: Daichi Saeki
    Imanotsurugi: Shunya Oohira
    Higekiri: Hiroki Miura
    Hizamaru: Akira Takano

    The complete list of castmembers can be found here. As for play dates, there will be two runs in Tokyo and one each in Kyoto and Osaka from November 2017 to January 2018. Detailed play dates can be found here. For details on ticket reservations, you can also check out the official Musical Touken Ranbu website.

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