• Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ now available to watch for free via

    Gundam fans, has a special treat for you, as they have now started streaming Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ via YouTube. And the best part? It’s both free, and official as well! This is something for classic Gundam fans, as well as fans who want to catch up with Universal Century lore. adds about six episodes every week, much like what they did for Gundam Zeta’s release. Each episode also comes with English, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), and finally, Korean subtitles. However, that being said, they are only releasing the series in select regions, so not everyone can watch them.

    Gundam ZZ takes place in the Universal Century timeline, directly after Gundam Zeta. With AEUG suffering heavily losses against both the Titans and Neo Zeon, they retreat to a nearby space colony. But with the Titans now defeated, this allows Neo Zeon to rise to power. And as AEUG members try to recuperate, Judau Ashta and his crew try to steal the Zeta Gundam…

    And did we mention that Gundam ZZ has a rocking soundtrack? Better check it out too!


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