• My Hero Academia Season 2’s second cour teases the Hero Killer, Stain in new visual

    As My Hero Academia Season 2 heads to its second cour, the anime’s official website updated to reveal a brand new visual. The new visual teases the heroes-in-training as they face off against the Hero Killer, Stain.

    The new arc starts this 8th August, as the students of UA begin their field training with professional heroes. However, trouble looms as the Hero Killer, Stain, begins hunting down heroes. Aside from the new visual, the staff also revealed the designs for some of the new characters. These new characters will become the students’ mentors for their field training.

    Hikaru Midorikawa as #4 ranked hero, Best Jeanist

    Kouji Okino as Gunhead

    Takahiro Fujiwara as Fourth Kind

    Mai Yamane as Uwabami

    Aside from the new villain and additional characters, the second cour will also introduce a new OP and a new ED. For the OP song, Amazarashi is performing “Sora ni Utaeba“. Meanwhile, LiSA will be performing the anime’s ED song, “Datte Atashi no Hero“.


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