• Attack on Titan Season 3’s tentative release period announced

    During the Anime Expo 2017 event in Los Angeles, California, the Funimation panel revealed an announcement for Attack on Titan season 3. According to the panel announcement, the third season will tentatively premiere sometime in spring 2018.

    Funimation also announced that they will be doing a simulDub for the anime as it airs in Japan. Previously, the first season premiered on Spring 2013, while the second season premiered Spring 2017.

    And when the second season ended, they announced that the third season will come in 2018, but didn’t specify when in 2018. Now, this new announcement sheds some light as to when the next season will be. Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait for four years for a next season.

    Source: @AoTWiki

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