• Ami Wajima Suspends 2017 Activities For Health Reasons

    Ami Wajima’s official website has made a sudden announcement today, that the young singer-songwriter is suspending her activities for the rest for the year, due to health reasons.


    WOW Japan has translated the official announcement in Japanese as follows:

    Announcing the Cancellation of 2017 Activities by Ami Wajima

    Thank you very much for your continued support of Ami Wajima.

    It is with deepest regret that we inform everyone that Ami has been feeling unwell as of late, so to improve her condition and for her to be able to give her best, we are suspending her activities for the rest of the year.

    We sincerely thank everyone for their concern, and we apologize deeply for the worry and inconvenience we have caused to all her fans, staff, and fellow event performers.

    The following announced performances are officially cancelled:

    ・30 July 2017 (Sunday)「MOTTO ANISONG FESTIVAL」 
    ・6 August 2017 (Sunday) VS Band Live「Jiwa Fes 2017」Vol.1 
    ・19 August 2017 (Saturday) C3 AFA JAKARTA 2017 (C3AFAJKT17)
    ・14 October 2017 (Saturday) VS Band Live「Jiwa Fes 2017」Vol.2
    ・26 November 2017 (Sunday)「P’s LIVE!05 ~Go! LOVE&Passion!!~」
    ・2 December 2017 (Saturday) Ami Wajima Solo Concert

    For ticketing concerns, please contact the following:

    ・30 July 2017 (Sunday)「MOTTO ANISONG FESTIVAL」:
    [email protected] (ENGLISH, JAPANESE)
    [email protected] (JAPANESE) 

    ・6 August 2017 (Sunday) VS Band Live「Jiwa Fes 2017」Vol.1 :
    ■ e+: 0570-06-9911 (10:00~18:00) OR
    ■ Lawson Ticket: 0570-000-777 (10:00~20:00)
    ■ Ticket PIA: 0570-02-9111 (10:00~18:00)

    ・19 August 2017 (Saturday) C3 AFA JAKARTA 2017 (C3AFAJKT17):
    [email protected]

    ・26 November 2017 (Sunday)「P’s LIVE!05 ~Go! LOVE&Passion!!~」:

    We look forward to your continued support upon Ami’s return.

    Ami Wajima Staff

    We are deeply saddened to hear this news, and wish Ami all the best for a speedy recovery. We will miss you, and will be looking forward to the day we welcome you back!

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