• redjuice Works with EGOIST Anew for Eiyuu: Unmei no Uta Key Visual

    As previously reported on WOW Japan, EGOIST’s latest single “Eiyuu: Unmei no Uta” has been chosen as the opening theme of the upcoming anime “Fate/Apocrypha”, which is slated to premiere in July 2017.

    Image by redjuice / SACRA MUSIC

    A new key visual for the single has been released, and it’s been done by longtime EGOIST collaborator redjuice, who is likewise responsible for most of the visuals used by EGOIST in their CD and DVD releases, as well their live concerts.

    ● EGOIST 8th Single Information
    Eiyuu: Unmei no Uta
    16th August 2017

    First Press Edition
    JPY 1,900
    CD: Eiyuu: Unmei no Uta
    DVD: Eiyuu: Unmei no Uta Music Video

    Regular Edition
    JPY 1,400
    CD: Eiyuu: Unmei no Uta

    Limited Edition
    JPY 1,700
    CD: Eiyuu: Unmei no Uta
    DVD: Fate/Apocrypha No Credit Text Opening Sequence

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