• This knock-off Pikachu adaptor charges your phone… through its butt

    China has its fair share of weird bootleg merchandise, but one has really caught a lot of attention lately. This bootleg merch features Pokemon’s one and only Pikachu, and it makes use of its electric-typing in a rather weird way…

    Online retailer, DH Gate, is currently offering something called the “Pokemon Pikachu Portable USB phone charger with 1m usb charge cable.” It has Pikachu charging your phones as you plug its ears to an electric socket. However, what makes this charger really stand out is where people plug the USB cord… which is Pikachu’s butt. Judging from the tail, this Pikachu may be male, so yeah…

    I better not ask this Pikachu if it hurts or not, because I might end up in the receiving end of a Thunderbolt…

    But kidding aside, this item also comes with a chord which can connect to multiple devices. This means that no matter what phone you have, you can still connect it to Pikachu’s butt!

    The item is still unlicensed, so Nintendo or the Pokemon Company don’t have anything to do with this charger. DH Gate, which sells them online, says the item ships from China, and it also comes with Chinese texts. They are now selling it here for US$25.72. I wonder how long Nintendo will take this one lying down though…

    Source: Rocket News 24

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