• Japanese station now also plays Final Fantasy music

    Final Fantasy is now celebrating its 30th anniversary, and part of its celebrations also include one particular train station. This very station is the Minato Mirai station in Yokohama, which plays Victory Fanfare whenever a train leaves. However, a few passengers caught on, and twitter user, @ozakikazuyuki, even recorded it as it played.



    But it seems that they only play Victory Fanfare for trains that are leaving for Motomachi Park. As for those leaving for Yokohama, they’re playing the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius version of the franchise’s main theme song. Don’t worry though, because twitter user @hollabackgirl_k also recorded the song as it played.



    And if you want to catch them playing these themes, don’t fret, because they’ll be here for a month. The station will keep playing these Final Fantasy tunes until 7th July, so better plan those trips to Yokohama.