• EGOIST Releases New Video “Welcome to the *fam”

    EGOIST has released a brand new music video titled “Welcome to the *fam”, LisAni Web reports. The music video features their performance from last November 2016 at Zepp DiverCity, during their “showcase*004 “n o w h e r e” fan club tour.

    Image by SACRA MUSIC

    Check out the music video below!

    EGOIST has previously announced the release of their latest single “Eiyuu: Unmei no Uta”, out on 16th August 2017. “Eiyuu: Unmei no Uta” is the opening song of the TV anime series “Fate/Apocrypha”, which will begin broadcasting in July 2017. They are also embarking on a Japan-wide tour called “Greeting Tour 2017”.

    ● EGOIST 8th Single Information
    Eiyuu: Unmei no Uta
    16th August 2017

    First Press Edition
    JPY 1,900
    CD: Eiyuu: Unmei no Uta
    DVD: Eiyuu: Unmei no Uta Music Video

    Regular Edition
    JPY 1,400
    CD: Eiyuu: Unmei no Uta

    Limited Edition
    JPY 1,700
    CD: Eiyuu: Unmei no Uta
    DVD: Fate/Apocrypha No Credit Text Opening Sequence

    ● Tour Information
    Greeting Tour 2017

    17 July: Zepp Sapporo
    21 July: Zepp DiverCity Tokyo
    22 July: Zepp DiverCity Tokyo
    29 July: Sendai PIT
    30 July: Zepp Namba
    5 August: Fukuoka Civic Hall  
    18 August: Zepp Nagoya

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