• RAB (Real Akiba Boyz) Cover “Welcome to Japari Park” in New Video

    LisAni Web reports that Real Akiba Boyz have released a new dance video — their first in three months, featuring the opening song of everyone’s favorite zoo anime Kemono Friends!

    Photo by Real Akiba Boyz

    RAB’s “Welcome to Japari Park” cover is pretty hilarious, as expected of the boys — and this video also features an omake or short at the very end, so don’t miss it!

    The group is also celebrating its 10th anniversary, and will be holding an anniversary event on 22nd October 2017! Entitled “RAB 10th Anniversary Free One-man Live 2017 ~We’re waiting! Anime Culture in Nakano Sun Plaza~”, it will be held at the other Tokyo paradise Nakano. Entrance is free!

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