• Kemono Friends Releases Original Soundtrack and Drama CD

    Runaway hit Kemono Friends will be releasing both a Drama and Character Song Album and an Original Soundtrack on the 7th of June 2017, according to LisAni Web. The Kemono Friends Drama and Character Song Album is entitled “Japari Cafe”, and will feature tracks from the Kemono Friends seiyuu. The Kemono Friends Original Soundtrack, on the other hand, will feature music from the anime by Akiyuki Tateyama.

    Illustration by Kemono Friends Project A

    To celebrate the momentous occasion of the double CD release, special events will be held on 8th June 2017 at Animate Ikebukuro (9F Event Hall), and 11th June 2017 at Tower Records Shibuya (B1F Cut Up Studio). Fans can win the chance to participate at these events, by signing up for a ticket lottery at their respective stores. But if you don’t win, never fear!

    There will also be a huge event on the 24th of June 2017 at Odaiba Diver City Tokyo Plaza (2F Festival Hiroba). Tickets to this outdoor event are free with every purchase of Limited Edition First Press Edition of “Japari Cafe”! The Kemono Friends cast will be present to give out random signed cards to lucky fans, plus you can purchase more Kemono Friends merchandise for your growing collection!

    For more details, you can check out the official website at

    Illustration by Kemono Friends Project A

    ● Kemono Friends Drama and Character Song Album
    “Japari Cafe”
    7th June 2017

    Limited Edition First Press Edition
    JPY 3,000
    CD + Entrance Launch Event + Random Signed Card

    Regular Edition
    JPY 3,000
    CD + Sticker + Piano Score

    01. Kemono Parade 〜Japari Park Memorial〜 / Animal Biscuits + Kaban × PPP
    02. Youkoso Japari Park e(with Kaban) / Animal Biscuits + Kaban × PPP
    03. Hop Step Friends / Animal Biscuits
    04. Kimi no Mama de / Kaban
    05. Oozora Dreamer / PPP
    06. Original Drama”Japari Mangari”


    07. Toki no Uta ~Nakama~(Acappella)Ropeway Noriba ver.
    08. Toki no Uta ~Nakama~(Acappella)Japari Cafe ver.
    09. Toki no Uta ~Hashira to Japariman~(Acappella)
    10. Kaban no Uta ~Hashira to Japariman~(Acappella)
    11. Sunaneko no Hanauta(Long Version)

    Illustration by Kemono Friends Project A

    ● Kemono Friends Original Soundtrack
    7th June 2017

    Regular Edition
    JPY 3,000
    CD + Mini Illustration + Original Case

    01. Sandstar
    02. Jungle no Naka de
    03. Kaze wo Kanjite
    04. Squall ga Kita!
    05. Nagi
    06. Doukutsu no Oku
    07. Mizube no Yasuragi
    08. Toboketa Nakamatachi
    09. Tanoshii Nakamatachi
    10. Kemonotachi no Ikizukai
    11. Kemonotachi no Kanashimi
    12. Cerulean
    13. Fuan na Shunkan
    14. Tenyawanya
    15. Doubutsu Shoukai
    16. Kawaii Nihiki
    17. Hogarakana Nihiki
    18. Sawagashii Nihiki
    19. Oie ga dekita!
    20. Kemonotachi no Tatakai
    21. Kemonotachi no Cooking
    22. Hitosujinawade wa Ikanai Meeting
    23. Shizen no Naka de
    24. Hokkori Onsen
    25. Kemono Obake
    26. Kyoudai na Teki
    27. Youkoso Japari Park e ~orgel ver.~
    28. Finale

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