• Tobu Zoo’s real-life Humboldt Penguin falls in love with his Kemono Friends counterpart

    Tobu Zoo recently teamed up with last season’s cult hit, Kemono Friends. The zoo also featured cutouts of the Kemono Friends characters in their real-life animal counterparts’ enclosures. However, one particular animal got a bit too close to its Kemono Friends counterpart. Meet Grape-kun the Humboldt Penguin, who Crunchyroll recently featured in a new Facebook video.

    Apparently, when the zoo keepers placed a cut-out of Humbuldt Penguin, AKA Hululu, in the Humboldt Penguin enclosure, one particular penguin, Grape-kun, wouldn’t stop staring at her. It’s as if the adorable little bird just couldn’t stop thinking about his new waifu. In fact, Grape-kun doesn’t want to leave the area where Hululu’s cut-out is. He’s so attached to Hululu that he doesn’t socialise with other penguins, and doesn’t even eat!

    Because of this, the zookeepers now have a new problem in their hands. Since he’s too busy staring at his waifu to even eat, the zookeepers decided to separate Grape-kun from Hululu. Sorry buddy, it’s for your own good!

    But then again, Grape-kun escaped! Looks like you couldn’t just keep this penguin from his waifu!

    Grape-kun’s struggles in love for his waifu even caught the attention of social media. Fans all over the world showed their love for Grape-kun as they drew artworks of the two.

    Follow your dreams Grape-kun, just follow your dreams! If you think 2D penguin girls are better than real-life ones, then so be it!

    Sources: @sisukatonToto Kichimitsumotocs


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