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April 2017

Aoi Yuuki puts her solo musical career on hold and closes her fanclub

Aoi Yuuki is one of the hottest seiyuu right now, but it seems she wants to slow things down a bit. In the website of her own official fanclub, AoimAniA, she revealed that she will be going on a temporary hiatus from her solo career as a musician. Also read: Yui Ogura enters drama world with […]

Zepp Concert Halls to Expand Across Asia

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) is pleased to announce a network of Zepp concert halls coming to cities across Asia, to be set up by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) and group company Zepp Hall Network. The Zepp concert halls will all feature stage machinery, lighting, and sound systems with specifications standardised for all Zepp venues across […]

Love Live! Sunshine!! Reveals Their Worldwide Poster Girl Illustrations with Dia Representing Singapore

Previously, fans got to decide which AQOURS member got to represent which country in the Love Live Sunshine Global Elections. A few months after revealing the results, the official Love Live Sunshine website has now revealed the AQOURS members in the costumes of the respective countries that the fans chose them to represent. Called “Worldwide Poster Girl”, […]

Yui Ogura enters drama world with Kentucky Fried Chicken

Remember the photo we posted a few days ago about Yui Ogura working with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in a new project? The mystery unfolds as it has been announced that KFC is working with her in a brand new mini-drama, “What if Yui Ogura…”. The drama will be available on AbemaTV’s Anime 24 Channel on […]

Japanese government minister wears Evangelion necktie during press conference

We all have our anime-related merchandise, from posters to neckties. One politician in particular, Japan’s Reconstruction Minister Masahiro Imamura, seems to have a bit of a connection with Evangelion. The Reconstruction minister recently made the headlines for a heated exchange during a press conference, alongside his Evangelion necktie. Minister Imamura is in-charge of Japan’s reconstruction efforts […]

Veteran Bleach and Naruto animator passes away at work due to apparent overwork

Despite all the glitz and glamour, the anime industry is a lot harsher than it really seems. This is apparent with the death of veteran animator, Kazunori Mizuno, who passed away at age 52. Renowned animator, Kazuyoshi Yaginuma, who Mizuno worked with in Naruto Shippuden, reported his passing. His death is an apparent case of overwork. Mizuno decided […]

New Live Hall “[email protected] Singapore” to Open in Singapore!

Zepp Hall Network Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) has just made a press release in Japan, that it will form a joint venture company with Big Box Investment Pte. Ltd. (Singapore). This press release details how Zepp Hall Network Inc. and Big Box Investment Pte. Ltd have agreed to set up a joint venture company “Zepp @ […]