• Miku promotes Japanese cuisine in official video for Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture

    Japanese cuisine is a huge part of Japanese culture, and the country’s Ministry of Agriculture wants to promote it. And what better way to get everyone’s attention by having Hatsune Miku herself sing about Japanese food, right?!

    Well, it looks like she’s having fun while eating all that food, as well as traveling all over Japan! The ministry’s official YouTube channel streamed the new video, which is titled “Oishii Trip”. In the video, Miku travels all over Japan to introduce tourist spots, as well as sample popular local Japanese cuisine.

    Junichi Oguro composed the song, while Mio Aoyama wrote it. Finally, YKBX, best known for his Vocaloid Opera “The End”, directed the video. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m suddenly craving for some Japanese food…


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