• Cosplay Fun at Kurate Gakuen Cosplay Gathering

    Come meet DD-Tenka(風牙護), 仁成‐hitonari‐, Nana Pink and Ying Tze at Kurate Gakuen Cosplay Gathering this Sunday at *SCAPE HubQuarters in Singapore!

    Kurate Gakuen Cosplay Gathering

    There would be cosplay workshops, talkshows and meet and greet sessions! This event is FREE for all and cosplayers are most welcomed!

    ● Kurate Gakuen Cosplay Gathering ●
    5 March 2017, Sunday from 1pm
    *SCAPE HubQuarters

    This event is presented by Kurate Gakuen — a former school in Kurate City, Fukuoka Prefecture, that has been converted into a cosplay shoot location. Kurate Gakuen comes complete with classrooms, staff rooms, a swimming pool, a gym, a music room, science labs, and much more!

    So come on down to *SCAPE HubQuarters to have fun and find out more about Kurate Gakuen — see you guys there!

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