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March 2017

Weekly Shonen Jump celebrates 50th Anniversary with a special exhibition

For five decades, Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has gave us some pretty unforgettable manga. Jump gave us a ton of them, from Rurouni Kenshin to Dragon Ball, and from One Piece to Nisekoi. Hey, they even gave us Kuroko’s Basketball and Haikyuu!! And it seems like they have some pretty big plans for their golden anniversary. […]

Berserk manga returns from hiatus… again

We’re probably sick of hearing about Berserk going on hiatus by now, but Young Animal Magazine has some good news! Its latest issue, which will hit the stores on 10th March, reveals that the Berserk manga is returning in the next issue. This will mark the end of Berserk’s latest hiatus, and it comes just […]

The Silent Voice – coming to Singapore 9 March, Malaysia and Brunei, 20 April

Released around the same time as “Your Name” in Japan, “The Silent Voice” has been lauded as a visual masterpiece and a voice to for the deaf. With both, it’s breathtaking visual by “Kyoto Animation” and the controversial topics like deafness, bullying, suicidal and more. The plot is of one feeling the guilt of bullying […]