• Monster Hunter XX shows off its gameplay with new PV

    Capcom is finally releasing Monster Hunter XX (read as “Double Cross”) for the 3DS this March. To further hype up the game, they released a new PV, which teases all the Monster-battling action in store.

    Aside from the usual Monster-fighting gameplay, the video also shows its new feature called “Style Power-up.” It also features some of the game’s six main monsters, which are the Gammoth, Astalos, Mizutsune, Glavenus, Balfarc, and a new Diablos variant.

    The game will also introduce a new style called the Brave Style. Monster Hunter XX is also adding a new field called “Igunrei”, as well as a new “Ryúshikisen” base. Capcom will be releasing the game for the Nintendo 3DS on 18th March 2017. Those with a saved data from monster Hunter X can transfer it to this game, while those who have a saved game data for Monster Hunter Stories will be getting an in-game bonus.


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